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The not-so-slight pain of vaccination

Vaccination, often taken for granted as those simple pricks of the needle which caused momentary pain to howling infants, has assumed a more sinister aspect of late. This theme issue of IJME throws light on the bulldozing strategies of big pharma, the distorted priorities of policy makers, and the breach of human rights and ethics to the detriment of the common citizen. The issue of compensation for vaccine- related injuries and the need to make immunisation policy more people – centred are also explored.

Another emotive subject – of whether a state should use pellet guns against its civilian populace; and even whether this should be a subject within the purview of a bioethics journal – has set off a debate appearing on these pages. Nursing error, sectarian organ donation, a student’s response to the ground-breaking film Aligarh, and the negative fallout of otherwise progressive laws are other stimulating subjects covered in the issue. Last, but definitely not least, an editorial analyses the welcome aspects of the new National Health Policy, while advising caution towards potential grey areas.

Cover credit: Cover Collage of IJME down the years compiled by Vijay Sarang

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Mohaddeseh Mohsenpour, Mohammadali Hosseini, Abbas Abbaszadeh, Farahnaz Mohammadi Shahboulaghi, Hamidreza Khankeh
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Hirokuni Beppu, Masumi Minaguchi, Kiyoshi Uchide, Kunihiko Kumamoto, Masato Sekiguchi, Yukari Yaju
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Sarojini Nadimpally, Sneha Banerjee, Deepa Venkatachalam, Divya Bhagianadh
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T Jacob John, Yogesh Jain, Sarojini Nadimpally, Amar Jesani
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