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Assessment of disability
Dr. Nagral has raised a doubt on the legality of assessment of disablement as per the criteria given in this book. The Workmen's Compensation Act of 1923, in its section 4-1-C-(ii), has clearly explained that the disabilities not covered by Schedule I given in the Act are to be considered as per ...
Doctor-doctor ethics
In reference to your article on the ethical relationship between doctors, I would like to make some comments: Regarding the professional services physicians provide to each other, the fact is that when a doctor approaches a specialist for himself or his family, the specialist assumes he must trea...
Sponsored medical education
Dr Sanjay Nagral has raised a pertinent point in his editorial on sponsored medical education. Sports and cultural events are most vulnerable to such sponsorship. Go-between entrepreneurs called 'event managers' organise such sponsorships as commercial ventures, managing beauty contest shows one ...
The patient with AIDS
I congratulate you on publishing a readable journal which will raise the concerns of practicing doctors about inescapable ethical mention of their activities.
Hysterectomy in mentally handicapped
When I read about the removal of uterus from mentally handicapped women both in your newsletter (February-April 1994) and in the British Medical Journal (26 February 1994). I was hoping to find an outright condemnation of this practice by the Form for Medical Ethics. I was surprised and disappoin...
Suggested guidelines for hysterectomy
I had promised to send you a response to the Suggested guidelines for hysterectomy... (Medical Ethics May-July,When I actually started formulating it, I found that the statement we have prepared on behalf of the group named Paryay appropriately conveys my message...
I have been reading Medical Ethics regularly. I find the issues tackled are topical. We should continue the newsletter at all cost.
Mandatory testing for AIDS
Legislation has been proposed in New York for compulsory testing of the newborn for HIV infection. The parents would be informed if the baby showed a positive test. It sounds simple and logical.
Premature termination of volume two of this journal
By pure chance we started publication of Medical Ethics in August 1993. Initially intended to serve as a newsletter, we have now set our sights on graduating into a full-fledged journal.
Medical Ethics
Congratulations (on the production of Medical Ethics). I know how much courage and decency it takes to fight for some degree of moral order in health care. It would certainly be much easier and advantageous to close the eyes and not be 'trouble-makers'.
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