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MX’s story
A recent Bombay high court judgement acffirmed the HIV-positive individual's right to employment. Separately it also held that IV-positive people can approach the court without disclosing their identities. The court directed that the public sector corporation which had employed the petitionel; MX...
Antiretrovirals in India
I am a physician involved in HIV/AIDS care at a large tertiary referral hospital. We find that a substantial number of patients are willing to take the new three-drug combinations in spite of the expense. Except for ZDV all these drugs have to be procured from the underground market.
The cloning bandwagon
Thanks to Keith Campbell , Dolly the wonder sheep has arrived in Scotland, at the modest price of $750,000. Mankind has been thus dragged yet nearer to the Huxleyean Brave New World. To an already contentious, consumerist and cruel world, the spectre of manufacturing Hitlers an...
View from the west. Flawed technology : Death…

A primary purpose of this communication is to warn Indian physicians about the dangers of an intra-cardiac catheter that is widely used in the U S, the West and probably much of the world. We do not have data concerning the extent of its use in India. However, it is reasonab...

Curbing medico-legal activism
The government seems to have given up its efforts to introduce in Parliament the Public Interest Litigation (PIL) Bill, 1997, to rein in the judiciary in the garb of stopping the so-called flood of frivolous public interest litigations.
Why the pill bill died a natural death
It is easy in a society plagued with horrific ills to get car ried away with the notion that public interest litigation mat-(PIL) is a miraculous solution to these problems. It is true that public outrage did play a crucial role in the Supreme Court taking up .petitions on behalf of undertrials, ...
National Rural Health Mission: the current scenario
The National Rural Health Mission (NRHM) claimed the lives of two senior doctors in Uttar Pradesh in the past year. Their only fault, it seems, was they had a large budget at their disposal and were trying to clean up the system.
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