The cloning bandwagon

Kothari -, Lopa Mehta


Thanks to Keith Campbell , Dolly the wonder sheep has arrived in Scotland, at the modest price of $750,000. Mankind has been thus dragged yet nearer to the Huxleyean Brave New World. To an already contentious, consumerist and cruel world, the spectre of manufacturing Hitlers and Huns on a clonal scale is frightening. No wonder discerning journals – to wit, the July-Sept 1997 Issues in Medical Ethics – are full of debates on the ethicality of new genetic discoveries and applications thereof. The ethical bandwagon would make more sense if the geneticists and ethicistswere to bear in mind some fundamental principles that govern the field of genetics. This done, our expectations – social, medical, financial – from genetic adventurism would be trimmed to size, and our fears from genetic misadventurism would be pruned as well.

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