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Ethics in practice

Disasters and epidemics pose specific challenges demanding a prompt and ethically sound response. This issue has an editorial and a comment analysing the relief efforts following the Chennai floods in 2015. An article assesses the use of double ethical review in the Ebola Tx trials, while a comment critically examines how the international community tackled this particular global crisis.

Two veteran ethicists assert that no matter how much ethics is talked about, it finally boils down to how individuals practice. A study presents concrete scenarios faced by dentists which challenge one’s ethical awareness. The urgent need for institutional reform, as recommended strongly by the recent parliamentary committee report on the MCI’s functioning, is discussed in another editorial. The issue also offers a personal narrative sharing the trauma of loss of a dear one to disease, some stimulating letters, and reviews to whet one’s reading appetite.

Cover credit: Original painting entitled Déjà vu, courtesy of the artist, Sumit Datta


Besides the continuing support of internal reviewers, we were fortunate to have that of the following external peer reviewers, who gave their time and expertise generously through 2015-16:

Aarti Prasad, Akoijam Joy, Ali Asghar Lanewala, Alison Thompson, Alok Sarin, Amit Dias, Amit Sengupta, Angus Dawson, Anindita Majumdar, Anoop Thekkuveetil, Asha George, Astrid Lobo Gajiwala, Barbara Klugman, Benson Igboin , Chinu Srinivasan Deepa Venkatachalam, Divya Bhagianadh, Faisal Khan, GD Ravindran, George Thomas, Gracy Andrew, Harikumar Sivanandan, Hemalata More, Irfan Engineer, Jacob Leveridge, Jamshed Akhtar, Jissa VT, Joe Varghese, Kavita Bhatia Ketaki Rege, Keymanthri Moodley, K Srinivasan, Lopa Mehta, Mani Kalliath, Manjulika Vaz, Monica Sakhrani, Nabil Mohsin, Nagmani Rao, Nancy Fernandes, Neha Madhiwala, Nilangi Nanal, Nithya Gogtay, Nobhojit Roy, Padmaja Sawant Mawani, P Manickam, Paulina Tindana, Priya Ranganathan, Priya Satalkar, Raffaella Ravinetto, Rakesh PS, Rana Muzaffar, Ravikant Singh, Ravi Prasad Varma, Ravi Shankar, Renu Addlakha, RR Kishore, Sana Contractor, Sangeeta Rege, Sangita Patel, Saima Iqbal, Sanish Davis, Santhosh Kumar M, Seetharaman Hariharan, Shazia Malik, Shyamala Natraj, Shubha Ranganathan, Siddharth David, Sreedevi Seetharam, Sreelekha Nair, Subrata Mukherjee, Sumit Kane, Suresh Bada Math, Udaya Mishra, Veena Johari, V Raman Kutty, V Sujatha, Wiiliam Joe, Zamrooda Khanday.



Nut Koonrungsesomboon, Junjira Laothavorn, Vichai Chokevivat, Kenji Hirayama, Juntra Karbwang
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Case Studies

Puspha Dahiya, Latika Duhan, Sukhbir Singh, Narender Dahiya
114 Abstract Full text PDF






Financial Report

National Bioethics Conference

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