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Whose water is it anyway?
"Can anyone really own water?" is essentially the question to which this movie begs an answer. Made over a five-year period by Irena Salina, with interviews of experts from all over the world, Flow (also the acronym for "For Love Of Water") takes a look at the intersecting concerns about water. I...
Conflicts of interest
Concepts such as conflict of interest and transparency could make for dense reading. In Side effects, Allison Bass shows that this needn’t be the case.
Algorithms, intuition, evidence and the zebra
By sheer coincidence, while reading the book How doctors think, I got into a conversation with a neighbour who believes that all that most Indian doctors do with their patients is "...R and D (research and development). Doctors can never seem to make a firm diagnosis. What's so difficult about it...
Marked by pain, bound by hope
68 Pages is the story of Nishit, Umrao, Kiran and Payal−all of whom belong to marginalized communities and are further marginalized by their HIV status. Their lives unfold through 68 pages of a diary maintained by Mansi (Moulli Ganguly), a counsellor at an HIV/AIDS clinic. Passionate about her wo...
Classics in Medical Ethics: Doctor’s dilemma
Set in Great Britain in the inter-war years, A J Cronin's The Citadel is often credited with sparking off the movement that led to the establishment of the National Health Service. The novel begins in 1921 with the arrival of a young doctor, Andrew Manson, to Drineffy, a Welsh mining town. It tel...
Book Review: Breaking the silence
"Literature... has been, in a way a great ally of science in making us discern the world better-a hugely important contribution that still does not get adequate attention," observes Amartya Sen in his thought-provoking foreword to AIDS Sutra - untold stories from India.
Film Review: A jab at healthcare
This movie has won an Academy Award. The director is a celebrated talent. The characters in the movie are from an earlier, feted oeuvre (The Decline of the American Empire, 1986). So when I sat down to review The barbarian invasions the daggers were drawn. A few minutes into the movie, however, a...
Intractable neurological disorders: Human genome research and society
Proceedings of the Third International Bioethics Seminar in Fukui, 19- 21 November, 1993. Editors: Norio Fujiki, MD, and Darryl R. J. Macer, Ph.D. Christchurch, New Zealand: Eubios Ethics Institute, 1995.
Bioethics in high schools in Australia, Japan and…
Darryl RJ Macer, Yukiko Asada, Miho Tsuzuki, Shiro Akiyama, Nobuko Y. Macer. Christchurch, New Zealand: Eubios Ethics Institute, 1996.
A handbook of the Department of Anatomy
Seth G. S. Medical College, Parel, Mumbai. Anonymous, Department of Anatomy, Seth G. S. Medical College, Parel, Mumbai 400012. 1997 p 128. Paperback.
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