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Giving opinions in medicolegal cases
This situation has become more frequent of late since the consumer courts usually insist that the complainant brings a medical expert's opinion to support the case or else face dismissal of the complaint. This is ostensibly done to reduce the number of frivolous complaints which would otherwise d...
Creating conducive conditions for informed consent
Modern medical practice is by its very nature an interventionist one and in principle, all medical interventions need the informed consent of the patient to be ethically correct. The roots for informed consent lie in the principle of autonomy of the patient – which really means respect for the pa...
Doctors and the Consumer Protection Act (CPA)
The recent landmark judgement by the Supreme Court, stating that medical services to patients, for which fees are charged, come under the purview of Consumer Protection Act 1986, has put a curtain on the long- drawn-out debate between doctors and consumers on the issue.
Police, prison and physician
The death of industrial tycoon, Rajan Pillai, had a ring of irony around it. In his lifetime he never shed a single tear nor used a penny from his millions to improve conditions of our prisons, perhaps in the belief - shared by most members of our rich and secure middle class - that he woul...
Supreme court judgement violates medical ethics
On January 19, 1995 we learnt that Justices Kuldip Singh and B. L. Hansaria of the Supreme Court of India passed a judgement which forces doctors employed in prisons to participate in execution by hanging and thus violates medical ethics. This judgement was passed on a petition in the public inte...
Ethifs of professional bodies
When it comes to health the consumer has no choice. The stress of illness forces her to comply with advice tendered by the doctor. This makes it the prime responsibility of the doctor to ensure that patients get a fair deal.
Self reulation or external control?
There is a need for establishing some control, ceiling, regulations on the cost of health care in general and fees charged by doctors in particular.
The plague…
The epidemics in Beed and Surat highlighted lapses on the part of medical professionals.
Bystander role of professionals: ethical considerations beyond medical…
Dr. Pilgaokar is on our editorial board. He serves several organisations working for human rights. the inaction al-too-commonly displayed by medical professionals in the face of He focuses attention on crises.
The role of the doctor in legal executions
Dr. Kannama Raman is Assistant Professor of Political Science, Sophia College, Bombay. She discusses an inspiring example set by a doctor of Indian origin in the U. S. A. The suggestion at the end of her essay needs urgent attention.
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