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Ethics of contraceptive research: some issues
Contraceptive research has been driven by the need of the provider, not the user, comments the Forum for Women's Health
Racist exploitation or exploitation of racism?
Discussions of the placebo-controlled clinical trials for HIV have focussed on methodological questions, ignoring the fact that treatments are available but unaffordable
Taking a Second Look
Twenty-eight physicians, ethicists and sociologists responded to a questionnaire on the role of the second opinion in medicine today. Their comments provide the basis for further discussion on this practice, the issues involved, and the ethical complexities in a changing health-care scenario....
Screening for cervical cancer revisited: understanding implementation research

In the editorial "Ethics of 'standard care' in randomised controlled trials of screening for cervical cancer", Sandhya Srinivasan argues persuasively that a series of placebo-controlled trials on screening for cervical cancer in India were unethical. The purported aim of the trials was to stud...

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