About the Authors

Hirokuni Beppu ([email protected])

Administrative Director of NPO DIPEx-Japan

Yokohama SOWA Clinic, Physician, Kanagawa, Japan

Masumi Minaguchi ([email protected])

Attorney at law, Santama Law Firm, Secretary-General, Medwatcher Japan, Tokyo, Japan

Kiyoshi Uchide ([email protected])

Special Professor

Health Information Management Stage, Komatsu College, Ishikawa, Japan

Kunihiko Kumamoto ([email protected])

Professor, Department of Mass Communication

College of Media and Communication, Edogawa University, Chiba, Japan

Masato Sekiguchi ([email protected])

Attorney at Law, Kashinoki Law Firm, Tokyo, Japan

Yukari Yaju ([email protected])

Associate Professor

Nursing Statistics, Graduate School of Nursing Science, St. Luke’s International University, Tokyo, Japan




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