Vol VIII, Issue 4 Date of Publication: October 09, 2023
DOI: https://doi.org/10.20529/IJME.2023.060

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Give truth a chance

G L Krishna
As a curious undergraduate studying Ayurveda, the first concept that intrigued me was Sushruta’s take on foetal sex determination. At the time of conception, if the man’s semen is in excess, a male foetus results; if the woman’s menstrual blood is in excess, a female foetus results; if semen and menstrual blood are in equal measure, an intersex is formed.

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  1. sharada chaitra MD FACC
    American college of cardiology , United States
    11 October 2023

    I am an Allopathic physician of Indian origin. Did Undergraduate medical degree in India and post graduation in internal Medicine in UK and USA. I am Board certified in internal Medicine and cardiology. Have been practicing Medicine for more than 4 decades in Uk and USA.
    I have not studied Ayurvedic medicine in a systematic manner . However ,I know basics of Ayurveda, Sanatana Dharma and Indian Art.
    Dr GL krishna’s discussion is very logical, shows his complete grasp of the material and is very thought provoking. I concur with his opinion fully.
    .It is mind boggling to read some of the views still remaining relevant regarding Human physiology ,cellular genetics etc in Ayurveda as per some of his challengers mentioned above.
    I do not understand how Brilliant, scientific minded Ayurvedic students and Physicians such as Dr GL krishna continue to participate in teaching, Learning and practicing such Nonsensical views of basic Human physiology in Ayurveda. Ayurvedic medicine is an ancient, well thought out (with limited resources available at that time), nevertheless put forward by the Great sages, Sushruta and Charaka who had a piercing vision and mastery in understanding of Human body and Metaphysics of” Being a Human”
    Ayurvedic medicine shows a great way of Healthy living, Healthy eating habits, Physical exercise, Mind control, congruence in Mind-Body and soul , and being not in a state of DIS ease rather than Being in a state of’ EASE’.
    Such a great Medicine should be every indian’s pride and joy. It should be treasured and Nurtured. It needs to be nurtured by making important revisions, additions and subtractions.
    I make a Humble request to Academics in Ayurvedic Medicine to revise the curriculum of the Ayurveda and bring it up to date with very well established scientific facts and randomized trials etc and bring it to 21 st century and beyond. There does not seem to be any shortage of enthusiastic and Hard working young minds such as Dr GL krishna to undetake such megaproject. Thanks

    • Affiliation: American college of cardiology
    • Country: United States
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