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DOI: https://doi.org/10.20529/IJME.2024.034

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Ethical issues and proposed solutions in conducting practical assessment of medical students involving patients

Ankit Chandra

Practical assessment involving patients plays a vital role in medical education, allowing students to demonstrate their clinical competencies. However, there are significant ethical concerns associated with these assessments that require careful consideration and resolution. The primary ethical concerns include violation of patient autonomy, lack of written informed consent, power dynamics, cultural differences, potential harm to patients, breach of privacy and confidentiality, discomfort to admitted patients, financial loss to patients, impact on other patients’ care, and delays in workup/procedures. To address these concerns, measures such as respecting patient autonomy, obtaining written informed consent, ensuring patient safety, exploring alternative methods, providing reimbursement, resource planning, creating a supportive environment, developing cultural competency, putting in place a feedback system, prioritising patient care, and implementing ethical oversight and monitoring are recommended. The formulation of a guideline could be a crucial starting point, and it should be integrated into a broader ethical framework that encompasses education and training, ethical oversight, ongoing monitoring, and a culture that prioritises ethical conduct.

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