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Striking a balance between protecting adolescents from sexual exploitation and empowering them by upholding their sexual and reproductive rights is the need of the hour.…
Law Commission of India report on the age of consent: Denying justice and autonomy to adolescents
Time to treat the climate and nature crisis as one indivisible global health emergency
Research Articles
In Clinical Trials Registry-India, the classification of sponsors needs to be standardised
The professionalism of clinical teachers in clinical education
Online First
Cancer and caste inequality among rural women in South India
Cecilia Coale Van Hollen, Cancer and the Kali Yuga: Gender, Inequality, and Health in South India, New Delhi: Orient Blackswan Private Limited; 2023. Rs. 1095, 302pgs, ISBN: 978 93 5442 336 9
The impact of Covid-19 pandemic on the research portfolio and approval turnaround time at the Kenya Medical Research Institute

Background: The Covid-19 pandemic led to unprecedented impact on many sectors globally including research. We assessed the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on the research portfolio, and on the approval turnaround time for research protocols submitt...

Saviour siblings in India: A reminder of our existing challenges and biases
Saviour babies or saviour siblings are conceived specifically to be sources of biological materials — ranging from cord blood, stem cells or even organs — to save another child, usually an older sibling, who is suffering from a disease like thalassemia that can be cured with this biological mater...
Power, policy, and transgender identities: A case study of gatekeeping by mental health professionals in accessing gender affirming surgeries in India

Background: Transgender individuals seeking gender-affirming surgeries (GAS) are often denied or delayed by mental health professionals (MHPs). Studies on the gatekeeping of GAS have been mainly conducted in the Global North and primarily focus on the perspectives of health professionals. This...

A multi-dimensional exploration of care extractivism in India
Maya John, Christa Wichterich, editors, Who Cares? Care extraction and the struggles of Indian health workers, Zubaan Academic, New Delhi, 330 pgs, Rs. 895, ISBN: 978 93 90514 03 8 (paperback)
“Doing bioethics” in an era of nationalism: The Vaccine War
The Vaccine War, Producer: Pallavi Joshi, Director and Writer: Vivek Agnihotri. 2023, 2 hrs, 30 mins. Hindi.
The quantitative analysis of the publication trends of Iranian medical ethics and its comparison with EMRO countries

Background: Evaluating publication trends in a research area helps assess organised scientific efforts in the particular academic field. This study aims to evaluate and compare trends in medical ethics publications in the Eastern Mediterranean Region (EMRO) countries.

Methods: A sco...

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