Joint 5th Global Mental Health Summit (GMHS) and 9th National Bioethics Conference (NBC)

Forum for Medical Ethics Society with Banyan Academy of Leadership In Mental Health (BALM),Chennai ;
Centre for Mental Health Law & Policy (CMHLP), Pune and Sangath

Pre-conference events: Between Nov 15 and Dec 31, 2022
Main Conference: Saturdays, December 3 & 10, 2022 (virtual) & December 17, 2022 (Madras School of Social Work No. 32,CASA Major road,Sulaiman Zackria Avenue,Egmore,Chennai-600008,Tamil Nadu.)

Visa related queries

For updated information, please visit the new website:


The Congress organizers have obtained the necessary approvals - from the concerned ministries of External affairs, Home Affairs and Ministry of Health and Family Welfare - for clearance of Visas. The ministry clearances can be downloaded HERE, HERE and HERE.

Please visit the Indian consular services website to find out whether there is a visa requirement for your travel to India along with the type of visa required (if any). The website will take you to the Indian consulate missions in the various countries where you would get detailed information pertaining to the Visa procedures.

We are uploading the draft of the Visa invitation letter on the website, please download the Visa invitation letter document, fill it up and kindly send it to us on [email protected]. Please ensure that all the details are filled up correctly and completely. On receipt of this document, we will issue you a formal visa invitation letter and send it across.

Please download the invitation letter document HERE

IMPORTANT: Please be advised that there is a separate process for participants from the following countries - Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, Sudan, Taiwan, foreigners of Pakistani origin and stateless persons as required by the Ministry of Home Affairs. We are also providing a template on the website for citizens of the above mentioned countries, please download it, fill it up and send it to us on [email protected]. Please use the subject line while sending the mail [14th WCB and 7th NBC: Visa details-your name-(country name)]. We will be forwarding the same to the Ministry of Home Affairs and the participants will be directly notified through the Ministry regarding the decision.

Participants from the following countries - Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, Sudan, foreigners of Pakistani origin and stateless persons. Please download the format HERE.