Joint 5th Global Mental Health Summit (GMHS) and 9th National Bioethics Conference (NBC)

Forum for Medical Ethics Society with Banyan Academy of Leadership In Mental Health (BALM),Chennai ;
Centre for Mental Health Law & Policy (CMHLP), Pune and Sangath

Pre-conference events: Between Nov 15 and Dec 31, 2022
Main Conference: Saturdays, December 3 & 10, 2022 (virtual) & December 17, 2022 (Madras School of Social Work No. 32,CASA Major road,Sulaiman Zackria Avenue,Egmore,Chennai-600008,Tamil Nadu.)

Stalls/Exhibit information

For updated information, please visit the new website:


A dedicated space of 4100 sq. ft [105 ft x 39 ft], in a covered court, adjacent to the main auditorium.

The Exhibitions will run during the main days of the Congress, from December 5 to noon of December 7, 2018 ( 2 ½ days).

Number of stalls that can be accommodated:

Nature of the exhibition space:

There are two options of stalls to choose from:

  1. closed stalls: these will have cloth partitions on 3 sides and will be approximately 20 sq.ft (10 ft x 10 ft]
  2. open stalls: these are envisaged as an open area with a basic table, but with no physical partitions. Each stall will be provided with a wooden table approximately 12 sq.ft (6 ft x 2 ft) and a single plastic chair. (If a stall requires additional furniture this will be provided at an additional cost)

Cost of the stalls

All costs mentioned are for 2 ½ days, however, a single day rate is provided for voluntary organisations who wish to exhibit for a single day.

Corporate entities/Publishing houses : INR 20,000+3,600*= INR 23,600

Academic institutions: INR 12,000+2,160*= INR 14,160

Voluntary Organizations: INR 2500+ 450*= INR 2950

(INR 1000+180*= INR 1180 for a single day)

Hospitality: INR 2500+450*= INR 2950 (per person for 2.5 days).

This includes lunch, tea and snacks.

PLEASE NOTE: Hospitality charges are optional. Please pay only if you wish to avail this facility and want us to take care of your hospitality.

*18% GST