Can medical ethics be “neutral”?

Can medical research be of value to society unless it is ethical? This poser is put by an editorial in this first issue of IJME in 2018. Another examines the…

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January 18, 2018

Need for gender sensitive health system responses to…

Adsa Fatima, Aarthi Chandrasekhar, Amita Pitre
Five years since Nirbhaya, and nearly as long since the Justice Verma Committee Report, amendments to the Criminal Law Amendment…

January 18, 2018

The quest for truth and justice

Deepa Venkatachalam
Galileo's middle finger?! And how exactly is Galileo or his middle finger relevant to heretics, activists and social justice? The…

January 08, 2018

On patients, prescriptions, and profits

Nancy MP King
Sharon Batt's study of the relationship between breast cancer advocacy groups and the pharmaceutical industry in Canada is exhaustively researched,…

January 08, 2018

The revised Declaration of Geneva, 2017, and India’s…

Gadde Praveen, Anitha Akkaloori
The World Medical Association (WMA) provides ethical guidance to physicians through its declarations, resolutions and statements. WMA first adopted its…
On the integration of Ethics into the Physiology curriculum

Savitha D, Manjulika Vaz, Olinda Timms, Ravindran GD, Mario Vaz

Code Krishna: an innovative practice respecting death, dying and beyond

Bhalendu Vaishnav, Somashekhar Nimbalkar, Sandeep Desai, Smruti Vaishnav

Ethical issues in death, dying and palliation: the IJME Sixth National Bioethics Conference

Rakhi Ghoshal, Deepa V, Sunita Simon Kurpad

The safety of women health workers at the frontlines

Jashodhara Dasgupta, Jayashree Velankar, Pritisha Borah, Gangotri Hazarika Nath