Veena Johari ([email protected])

Advocate Veena Johari is the proprietor of Courtyard Attorneys, a legal consultancy firm that works on public interest issues for the marginalised and the poor, and carries out research on the lawand policy, with special reference to healthcare.

As an advocate, she has substantial experience in drafting, filing and appearing in various courts for the legal rights of the marginalised and disadvantaged populations, especially people living with HIV, drug users, sex workers, the LGBT community, women, children, and the poor. She has also advised on surrogacy law, clinical trials, and has filed pre-grant oppositions against patents on pharmaceutical drugs. She has collaborated with other groups in conducting seminars, workshops and meetings to disseminate information about rights and the law. She has done research and written papers relating to HIV and rights, the criminalisation of HIV, sexual and reproductive health, and women and inheritance; and jointly developed a training manual for drug users and the law. Have been an advisor to social researchers on issues relating to drug related clinical trials, especially to the United Nations Development Programme, the International Development Law Organization, the Cancer Patients’ Aid Association, Sama Resource Group for Women and Health and the International Development Law Organization.

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