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Why are doctors being beaten up?

Attacks on doctors and hospitals have become so common, they are no longer news. Why have we reached this state? Following the latest strike of resident doctors in Mumbai, we carry in this issue of the journal an investigation into the causes of these assaults – as well as the reasons why doctors go on strike. Both this article and an editorial reflect on the relationship between assaults on public hospital staff, doctors’ strikes and patient care.

The prospect of an asbestos-laden ship entering India for dismantling set off an alarm about the possible health impact. An editorial writer comments on the hidden epidemic of occupational disease in India, and the implications it has for medical ethics. Another editorial looks at the government’s policy which effectively restricts availability of anti-rabies vaccine to those who can afford it.

Other articles and comments in the journal look at ethical issues related to research using medical records, concerns about the labelling of medication, and the impact of international trade agreements on the health sector. From Thailand, a researcher presents information on the functioning of ethics committees in government and academic institutions.

Cover photograph: Resident doctors on strike in Mumbai.




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