Strengthening autonomy in law and bioethics
IJME COVER Jan- Mar 2024

Striking a balance between protecting adolescents from sexual exploitation and empowering them by upholding their sexual and reproductive rights is the need of the hour. An editorial in this issue discusses the implications of the 22nd Law Commission’s recommendations on the age of consent. A research article analyses how adolescents face obstacles in seeking abortion services, particularly in consensual sexual relationships, due to legal uncertainties and gaps. While another author explores the impact of mandatory reporting by healthcare professionals of the sexual offences against children.

A commentary analyses the benefits and harms of fortification of rice and its mandatory imposition in public health programmes, while another discusses an alleged fraud in Alzheimer Disease research and its implications for the credibility of scientific research. A surgeon reflects on an ethical dilemma faced by him during a surgery when a treatment option conflicted with the religious beliefs of the patient.

Other contributions include a joint editorial by multiple journals on the impact of the climate crisis on health, a study on classification of sponsors in CTRI, use of N-of-1 clinical trials on Ayurvedic drugs, and more.

We thank all our readers, reviewers and contributors for their continued support to the journal over the years and wish them a peaceful and healthy 2024.


Cover credit: After the bushfire – Blue Mountains, New South Wales, Australia; courtesy of Dr Angus J Dawson.


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