Ethics in public health

The Maharashtra government recently announced that families with a third child born any time after mid-2001 would be denied public distribution scheme (PDS) benefits for that child.

It is well accepted that family sizes are influenced by a variety of social and economic factors, and the policy will not change things.

The only consequence the government policy will have is to deny the third child in a poor family essential benefits for no fault of her own. This would further disable families already struggling
to survive in a hostile working and living environment.

In the next issue of the journal, we hope to present a longer comment on this subject. In the meantime, readers are invited to send in their views for inclusion in the journal.









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Foundation for Research into Community Health , Association for Consumer Action in Safety and Health , Indian Centre for Human Right and Law , Centre for Enquiry into Health and Allied Themes , Medico Friend Circle , IWID , Committee for Protection of Democratic Rights , Janwadi Mahila Sanghatan , Bluestar Union and Trade Union Solidarity Committee , Municipal Mazdoor Union , Indian School of Social Sciences , Bombay Municipal Nursing and Paramedical Union , Forum for Medical Ethics Society , Lokshahi Hak Sanghatana , Centre of Indian Trade Unions , Forum for Women’s Health , Vacha , Prayas
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