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Anticipating new frontiers

In this final issue of 2018, we have a special Theme section on Developing the Ethics of Controlled Human Infection Models (CHIMs) in LMICs. The theme essays explore the key facets of a controversial and, some would argue, necessary research field for India. From explaining what a CHIM is, through the scientific, social, human rights, legal and media perspectives on the model, and the essential safeguards to be built in, it is all here.

An editorial and a comment explain the mystery of brain stem death, and the steps to be taken for its ethical handling. Ethics committees are here to stay, but are their members sufficiently equipped? An article examines the understanding of research guidelines among EC members. Integrating Ethics into the Physiology curriculum is a challenge examined by a group of educators. Private healthcare facilities in rural areas are much reviled, but very often they are the only service on offer. Several experienced practitioners have an animated discussion on the subject. Finally, an editorial looks forward with anticipation to the 14th World Congress of Bioethics in Bengaluru, India, including the 7th National Bioethics Conference, and the opportunity they offer to debate and exchange ideas on the core theme of “Health for all in an unequal world.”

Cover credit: “Gnarled old coffee plant, Coorg” by Dr Sunil K Pandya


Sunita VS Bandewar, Leni Chaudhuri, Lubna Duggal, GD Ravindran, Thelma Narayan, Sarojini N, Sunita Simon Kurpad, Manjulika Vaz, Deepa Venkatachalam
263 Abstract Full text PDF



Savitha D, Geetha S, Suma Bhaskar, Taniya Anto, Sejil TV, Vineetha Vittal, Santu Ghosh, Prashanth Kumar
305 Abstract Full text PDF


Fernando Hellmann, Luzilena de Souza Prudêncio Rohde, Marta Verdi, Volnei Garrafa, Camilo Manchola-Castillo
326 Abstract Full text PDF


Book Review


Annie Singh, Mannat Kaur Bhatia, Ripudaman Singh, Jayksh Chhabra
346 Abstract Full text PDF
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