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Issues in Medical Ethics is an endeavour at providing a platform for discussion on every aspect of our system for ensuring health and treating illness or disease, with special reference to ethical principles. It hopes to involve all cadres and the beneficiaries from this system – the population at large. The journal hopes to strengthen those with ethical values and concern for the underprivileged.

Original papers, research findings, experiences in the field, debate, news and views on medical ethics are welcome.

We especially invite thought-provoking essays, critical analyses of existing practices and suggestions for the improvement of the care of patients.

Articles and contributions by authors do not necessarily represent the views of the editors or the Forum fsr Medical Ethics Society.

The journal is owned and published by Forum for Medical Ethics Society — a non-profit-making voluntary organisation.

We need your support and help in every form — contributions for publication, enrolment of new subscribers and donations.




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A. Uma, P. Thirumalai, Kolundu Subramanian
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