A small thank you to our supporters

Ever since it started publication in 1993, Issues in Medical Ethics has depended on the voluntary support of scores of well-wishers. Our readers and subscribers, those who write in with their comments, news, ideas for follow-up. Institutions send us their publications for perusal. Medical professionals and academics find time out of their busy schedules to prepare thoughtful essays on subjects after much reflection, research and other effort. While it is impossible to do justice to thank
all the voluntary effort that goes into the journal, we must thank some of them. For example, Ms Neha Madhiwalla, editor of the MFC Bulletin, provided editorial support for the January 2001 issue.

Our latest effort, on the net, has involved dozens of doctors, computer professionals and other well-wishers exhausted, frustrated and close to breakdown. We would like to thank them all. Dr Nobhojit Roy managed to rope in his friends, their friends and relatives. At the end of this, we will have a fully-functioning website, as well as CD-ROMs for those who have more limited access
to the internet.



Janet Radcliffe Richards
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