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The informed consent status for surgery patients in eastern Turkey: a cross-sectional study

Mucahit Egri, Osman Celbis, Mehmet Karaca, Bora Ozdemir, Ahmet Nezih Kok

DOI: 10.20529/IJME.2008.010


This study assesses the quality of the informed consent process and satisfaction with the informed consent process, for surgery patients in Turkey. Four hundred and eighty three patients were interviewed after their surgeries. More than half of the patients were satisfied with the information on eight issues that pertained to the informed consent process. A majority of patients (91 per cent) were satisfied with the information regarding why an operation necessary. However, only 205 of 483 patients(42 per cent) indicated that they had received sufficient information on the potential side effects and complications of surgery. Patients’ educational level and the type of surgery – urgent or elective – were associated with the satisfaction status.

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