The ethical responsibility of healthcare providers to advise patients with diabetes on lifestyle modifications

Shalini Garg, V Raman Kutty

DOI: 10.20529/IJME.2020.04


There is clear evidence of a link between health and physical activity (PA). PA is universally prescribed as a primary treatment for most chronic diseases. However, studies show that not many health professionals advise patients about PA. The current study examines how a cost-effective tool to improve population health has been completely neglected in professional practice in a state with maximum healthcare availability. Is this malfeasance in practice or a violation of human rights? Are healthcare providers exempted from their responsibilities because they choose to neglect them? Who should be held responsible for the increasing disease-related deaths that are easily preventable?

Keywords: physical activity, inactivity, advice, low- and middle-income country, health professionals, providers, chronic disease, diabetes, lifestyle modification, counselling

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