Problems in the health care system -a brief appraisal

Dr. V Murlidhar


I saw a friend of mine, a consultant, earning a hundred rupees from a patient. He placed sixty rupees into the ever willing hands of the local general practitioner (G. P.) who had brought the patient to him with a diagnosis of ‘chronic appendicitis’. The G. P. instructed my friend to get a host of investigations from a specific pathologist and a radiologist who in turn gave their respective cuts to the G. P. All my friend’s medical learning was of no avail as he subjected the patient to a host of tests that were not needed and removed the healthy appendix of a person who actually had a mild attack of amoebic typhlitis. Twenty-six years of honesty, integrity and self respect were washed down the drain in just a day. He has joined the rat race to earn a living in the modern world.

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