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Pakistan Journal of Medical Ethics

Thank you very much for your wishes and I am sure, with the common problems and common struggle, we will manage to change the current state of affairs from bad to good.

We saw only one issue (December 1995) of Issues in Medical Ethics. Let me confess, we came up with the idea of our journal after seeing that issue. We do not have any of your previous issues and do not receive them too. We will be extremely delighted to be on the mailing list and request you to send copies of earlier issues.

I have sent some copies of our Journal. We have borrowed some ideas from your journal and I thank you for your offer to let us use material from it in future. We will certainly acknowledge it. You can also use any material from our Journal.

I once again reiterate our desire to share our expertise and hope that we can come up with a common goal for the region in the context of medical ethics.

With all the best wishes and looking forward to a fruitful cooperation and friendship,

Dr. Rana Tauqir Ahmed, PMA House, Garden Road Karachi 74400, Pakistan

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Rana Tauqir Ahmed

PMA House, Garden Road Karachi 74400




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