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Medical exams: plugging the ‘leaks’

Sanjay Nagral
Mumbai's JJ Hospital and Grant Medical College, two of the oldest and most prestigious medical institutions in the country, were in the news recently, but for the wrong reasons — the 'leakage' of exam papers for the final year medical exam. Apparently a few hours before the commencement of a theory examination, the paper was found with a student in a photocopy shop on the hospital campus. Somebody blew the whistle and the student confessed to have obtained the paper from a peon, who in turn led the police to none other than a professor of forensic medicine — who also was the chief invigilator for the examination. This gentleman had once officiated as the assistant dean of the hospital. Soon, more names started tumbling out from what seemed to be an organised ring of doctors, ex-students living in the hostels, and intermediaries like peons who would deliver the paper to students for a price.

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