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Making those hard decisions – for people and the environment

Adithya Pradyumna

DOI: 10.20529/IJME.2016.014


Ethics in the field of environmental health deals not just with dilemmas involving individuals and groups of people, but also between people and the rest of the natural world, compounding the challenges. Resnik’s Environmental health ethics is written to serve as a “starting point”, “calling attention to important issues…and dilemmas”, and to provide a framework for ethical decision-making on issues relevant to environmental health. On each of those grounds, the book delivers well and in a succinct manner. This is also probably the first book devoted exclusively to this important subject, moving as it does beyond the traditional boundaries of public health ethics. While the bulk of the book is on the application of the proposed ethical framework to issues concerning environmental health, ethical theory, too, is discussed. The author includes other environmental thinkers’ critique of his framework, thus displaying a good deal of transparency about his line of thought.

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