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Thank you for sending me the first two numbers of Medical Ethics. Please accept our congratulations and the hope that it will flourish as it should. It comes at a time when ethics in all walks of life and certainly the practice of medicine could do with a much needed reappraisal. If there is any way that our Centre can help with such resources as we may possess, please do not hesitate to call upon me.

Dr. Eustace de Souza Executive Director, FIAMC Bio-Medical Ethics Centre, Bombay

(We are encouraged by the support so generously offered by Dr. Eustace de Souza who, with his team, has already done much to inculcate the principles of ethics into the medical profession. His note on the victims of AIDS appears elsewhere in this issue. He has also provided valuable insights on the Guidelines on page 2. – Editor)

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Eustace J de Souza ()

Executive Director

FIAMC, Biomedical Ethics Centre, St Pius X College, Aarey Road, Bombay, 400063




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