Vol , Issue Date of Publication: September 07, 2017
DOI: https://doi.org/10.20529/IJME.2017.080

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It is not enough to grieve; we must learn from Gorakhpur

Yogesh Jain
Keshav Desiraju
Gorakhpur has, yet again, sent out a warning. The death of a child anywhere, anytime, is a matter for grief and the news that an unusually large number of children, mainly newborns had died at the BRD Gorakhpur Medical College in eastern Uttar Pradesh has truly shocked the nation. All the reports, whether from the press or of at least five enquiries set up by various local, state and national authorities point only in one direction; poor people will get only poor public health systems. And for this reason we will see Gorakhpur happening again. Indeed, as this piece is being written, there are news reports of 52 babies having died over 30 days in a Jharkhand hospital due to malnutrition. And in the same public hospital in Gorakhpur, another 61 babies have died over 72 hours "due to various ailments, including encephalitis, health complexities in newborns, pneumonia, sepsis, etc."

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