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Hospitals become slaughter houses

Will you, please, permit a sick, lone crusader of 80 to voice some deeply felt hurt?

Painful incidents in various hospitals and nursing homes all over India have exposed the utter negligence and callousness of individuals supposedly belonging to a noble profession. There are scores of examples where, through sheer negligence, simple tubectomy, vasectomy and other sterilisation procedures have left young persons paralysed for life or sent to lifelong coma to die slowly in agony. No relief or compensation of any kind is given to these helpless victims or their relatives by the erring surgeons or the hospitals.

Will we ever see an end to the two factors at the root of this tragic situation: the endless greed of medical doctors and the powerlessness of the figurehead state and central medical councils?

S. C. Banerji 5 Chamunda Krupa, Cottage Lane, Santacruz, Bombay 400054

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S C Banerji

5 Chamunda Krupa, Cottage Lane, Santacruz, Bombay 400054




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