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In the year 2006-7 we see for the first time the actual expenses of running the Indian Journal of Medical Ethics reflected. We incurred expenses for services of regular staff, payment of honoraria, and infrastructural support to run the journal. It has also become possible to give modest honoraria to the executive editor and for copy-editing.

The income in the year 2006-7 was from the following sources: Subscriptions: Rs 98,863;Sale of back issues: Rs 7,650; Registration and accommodation: Rs 154,200; Membership fees: Rs 400; and Interest: Rs 96,204.

The Forum for Medical Ethics Society spent Rs 105,760 on printing, Rs 44,451 on postage, Rs 145,385 on honoraria and wages, and another Rs 12,022 on stationery. Approximately Rs 20,000 went into other expenses. The other major expense was registration and accommodation for the Second National Bioethics Conference.

The subscription base continues to be a cause for concern, and efforts are on to increase the reach of the journal. We continue to send gift subscriptions to medical colleges recognised by the Medical Council of India and to selected institutions in South Asia.

We hope well-wishers will recommend the journal to others as well as send gift subscriptions. We also hope that institutions receiving gift subscriptions will consider renewing their subscriptions.

Donations to the Forum for Medical Ethics Society are eligible for 50 per cent tax exemption under section 80G of the Income Tax Act.

Properties and assets Rs
Fixed assets 2,925.00
In savings bank account 511,414.60
Fixed deposits 1,038,021.00
Cash in hand with trustee 10,384.90
Advance tax deducted at source 4,325.00
Total 1,567,070.50
Funds and liabilities  
Trust funds or corpus 11,157.00
Contingencies reserve fund 45,000.00
Life subscription fees (refundable) 430,570.00
Liabilities towards expenses 398.00
Balance as per last balance sheet 1,170,312.30
Excess of expenditure over income (9,036,680.30)
Income and expenditure account 1,079,945.50
Total 1,567,070.50
Expenses incurred on objects of the Trust (educational)
Sr. No. Particulars Rs
1 Journal expenses  
(a) Cost of printing journal 105,716.00
(b) Printing and stationery 12,022.50
(c) Handling charges 3,900.00
(d) Postage and courier of journal 44,451.50
2 Others  
(a) Registration and accommodation 105,236.00
(b) Honoraria 140,325.00
(c) Telephone and fax charges 1,078.00
(d) Hospitality and meeting charges 1,536.00
(e) Salary and wages 5,460.00
(f ) Computer expenses 9,921.00
(g) Travel and conveyance expenses 9,893.00
(h) Miscellaneous expenses 200.00
(i) Photocopying charges 1,816.50
(j) Bank charges 1,635.30
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