Feminism and ethics of care

J Devika

DOI: 10.20529/IJME.2015.016


This book adds to – or, to be more accurate – draws upon the enormous body of feminist writing that has emerged around the “ethics of care” after the publication of Carol Gilligan’s path-breakingIn adifferent voice. Scholarship in this field has been conspicuously interdisciplinary, benefiting from distinguished contributions from psychology, sociology, political science, philosophy, history, literature, and law and jurisprudence. This ambitious book provides a survey of parts of this debate, such as that around Gilligan’s work, and the tension between justice and care, as addressed in the work of Susan Okin. It attempts a re-reading of de Beauvoir and places her closer to the advocates of the integration of perspectives on care and justice. The book also attempts to participate in the reformulation of the notions of autonomy and justice from the perspective of care, but without Eurocentric assumptions.

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