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Ethics and the vaccine wars

Donald W Light

DOI: 10.20529/IJME.2020.033


In his controversial but well-prepared style, Peter Gotzsche has jumped into what feels like the vaccine wars between the “vaccine advocates” who think that every vaccine should be taken by everyone as a vital part of preserving the public’s health and the “vaccine deniers”, who are characterised as believing vaccines are a dangerous kind of poison that government officials want to inject into the bodies of babes. Readers will find the book informative, interesting, and clear about what the real issues are. Gotzsche has a readable, informal style that students and readers will enjoy. He is a tough-minded sceptic who has been professionally involved in most of the chapters. Gotzsche is a physician and professor of clinical research design and analysis in trials, in Denmark. He is the author of many books and articles on health policy, often critical of the pharmaceutical industry for its bias, misinformation, and lack of transparency. He previously authored Deadly medicines and organized crime: How Big Pharma has corrupted healthcare, about drug companies “where cheating with clinical trials and in marketing is common and has led to hundreds of thousands of deaths.” I wrote a review of this carefully researched book.

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