Critical perspectives on the NIMH initiative “Grand Challenges to Global Mental Health”

Abhay Shukla, Anand Philip, Anand Zachariah Zachariah, Anant Phadke, A Suneetha, Bhargavi Davar, - CEHAT, Chinu Srinivasan, Dhruv Mankad, Imrana Qadeer, Jayasree Kalathil, K Lalita, K Sajaya, KS Jacob, Kamayani Balimahabal, Manisha Gupte, Mohan Rao, Moosa Salie, Padma Prakash, Prabir Chatterjee, Rama Baru, Rama Melkote, Rajan Shukla, Rakhal Gaitonde, Ramila Bisht, Ravi Duggal, Renu Khanna, Ritu Priya, R Srivatsan, Sami Timimi, Sarojini NB, - Sathyamala, Shyam Ashtekar, Suman Fernando, Susie Tharu, Veena Shatrugna

DOI: 10.20529/IJME.2012.102


In July 2011 Nature carried a Comment titled “Grand Challenges to Global Mental Health”announcing research priorities to benefit people with mental illness around the world. The essay called for urgent action and investment. However, many professionals, academics, and service user advocate organisations were concerned about the assumptions embedded in the approaches advocated and the potential for the project to do more harm than good as a result. Nature refused to print a letter (sent on 20th August 2011) protesting against the issue, citing ‘lack of space’ as the reason. This letter is an effort to critique the initiative through wide participation and consensus

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