Control of corruption in healthcare

Armin Ahmed, Afzal Azim

DOI: 10.20529/IJME.2015.060


A recently published article on corruption in Indian healthcare in the BMJ has triggered a hot debate and numerous responses. We do agree that corruption in Indian healthcare is a colossal issue and needs to be tackled urgently. However, we want to highlight that corruption in healthcare is not a local phenomenon confined to the Indian subcontinent, though India does serve as a good case study and intervention area due to the magnitude of the problem and the country’s large population. Good governance, strict rules, transparency and zero tolerance are some of the strategies prescribed everywhere to tackle corruption. However, those entrusted with implementing good governance and strict rules in India need to go through a process of introspection to carry out their duties in a responsible fashion. At present, it looks like a no-win situation. In this article, we recommend education in medical ethics as the major intervention for dealing with corruption in healthcare.

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