March 4-7, 1999. Sacramento, CA, USA. Health care systems: ethical and economic considerations. Papers of 20-30 minutes’ length should address the interplay of ethical and economic factors in building a health care system and making bedside decisions. Send abstracts to Dr Et Loewy, professor and endowed alumni association chair of bioethics, University of California, Davis, UDCDMC -PCC3107, 2221 Stockton Blvd, Sacramento, CA 98817, USA.
Fax 916-734- 2732.

March 5-7, 1999. Washington, DC. Advanced bioethics course: Ethics Committees: Changing roles and evolving issues. Application deadline: February 1, 1999. Some scholarships are available. Contact the course coordinator, Kennedy Institute of Ethics, Box 571212,
Georgetown University, Washington, DC, 20057-I 212,
Tel.: 202- 687-5477,
Fax: 202-687-8089.
E-mail: [email protected]

March 8-11,1999. Kathmandu, Nepal. Third national conference on science and technology. ‘Application of science and technology for national development. ‘ Corresponding address: Secretary Organising Committee. PO Box 3323, Royal Nepal Academy of Science and Technology, Kathmandu, Nepal.
Tel: 490363,490331
Fax: 977-l -490190.
E-mail: [email protected] or [email protected] Internet: or

July 12-14,1999. Edinburgh, Scotland. Second international interdisciplinary conference on women and health. European Association for Research on Women and Health. Contact the Conference secretariat at [email protected] or

August 6-10, 2000. Helsinki, Finland. Thirteenth World Congress of Medical Law. Contact MS Pirkko Kuorehjarvi, STAKES, PO Box 220, Fin-00531, Helsinki, Finland. Fax +358 -9 -3967 2030.


Law and Medicine is an annual publication of the Institute of Law and Ethics in Medicine (TILEM). National Law School of India University, Bangalore. TILEM has been established to generate and promote inter-disciplinary discourse’of issues of law, ethics and medicine.

The Journal of Medical Ethics is a bimonthly publication of the BMJ publishing group. Established in 1975, JME features original articles on ethicai aspects of health ,care; case conferences; editorials; book reviews, correspondence, news and notes, and occasional series. Some recent and forthcoming papers include: Teaching medical ethics and law within medical education: a model for the UK curriculum; treating anorexics without consent: some reservations, advance directives for nontherapeutic dementia research: some ethical and policy considerations.

Bioethics, the journal of the International Association of Bioethics, is a forum for articles on the ethical questions raised by such current issues as abortion, euthanasia, and genetic engineering. Recent and forthcoming articles include: inducement in research; choosing the sexual orientation of children; racism and sexism in medically assisted conception.

Science as culture is a quarterly publication exploring how science mediates our cultural experience, placing science within the wider debate on the values which constitute culture. Recent and forthcoming articles include: Infertility as a medical problem: recasting feminist accounts of nature and science; policy, critique and disaster: the Bhopal case; diabetes care and biomedical control. See


Animal consciousness and animal ethics: perspectives from the Netherlands. Eds: Marcel Dol et al.

This book of 15 contributions addressing animal consciousness and animal ethics from the point of view of psychology, ethology, philosophy and ethics. It covers the concept of consciousness, information from neuroscience, and the implications for animal ethics. Van Gorcum Publishers, PO Box 43, NC-9400 AA ASSEN, The Netherlands.

Access to experimental drugs in terminal illness: ethical issues. Udo Schuklenk. 1998. 228 pp. $36. This is a discussion of the ethical dilemmas experienced by those suffering from terminal illnesses who are denied legal access to experimental, potentially lifesaving drugs and who are then pressured into clinical tests designed to test and further the approval of the same drugs. The author argues for the urgent need for an ethical and legal re-evaluation of the current drug approval and drug testing process in most western countries.

BOL! is an e-mail list on gender, and reproductive health and rights in South Asia. To subscribe: e-mail “subscribe” to [email protected] Leave the subject blank.

Other Indian bioethics associations
The All-India Bioethics Association: : No 3,8th lane, 5th cross, Indiranagar, Chennai

The Indian Society for Health Laws and Ethics. Dr RR Kishore, president ISHLAE, D-II/l45 Kidwai Nagar (W), New’ Delhi 110 023. Tel/fax: 01 I -687-662-l. E -mail : [email protected]

Issues in Medical Ethics can also be seen on the internet, at:
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