Book Review : Dr Spin Doctor

Sanjay A Pai

DOI: 10.20529/IJME.2011.043


For about two decades now, the pharmaceutical industry -particularly its marketing and sales arms – has been receiving a lot of flak. The bad publicity has come from all sides – articles in learned medical journals, in general newspapers and magazines, in movies and from whistleblowers in the industry – and has reached such an extent that the public approval of the industry in the USA dropped from 80% in 1987 to a mere 9% in 2005, putting its reputation just above the oil and tobacco industries. Carl Elliot in his book, aptly subtitled “Adventures on the dark side of medicine”, drives one more nail in the coffin of the drug industry. Elliot illustrates how Big Pharma stoops low and how medical professionals join hands with them, knowingly or unknowingly.

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