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Biobanking in the subcontinent: exploring concerns

Aamir M Jafarey, Sualeha Siddiq Shekhani, Bushra Shirazi

DOI: 10.20529/IJME.2017.065


Biobanking is an important tool for biomedical research. However, it raises a variety of ethical issues, which are compounded in the developing world. This paper is based on data from three sources on the ethical issues associated with biobanking, including a mixed method pilot study conducted with students in Karachi, Pakistan, a workshop in Karachi, and another workshop held in Bengaluru, India.

Findings from these sources reveal a unanimous lack of clarity about what constitutes a biobank. While informed consent was deemed necessary for storage of materials, participants were unsure of how this could be achieved for samples stored indefinitely for future research. Although study participants showed limited understanding of genetic research, concerns were raised in the Karachi workshop. A majority of survey participants found it acceptable to transfer biospecimens across borders, but possibility of misuse was highlighted in both workshops. This paper reveals ambiguities with respect to ethical challenges of biobanking, indicating the need for further discourse.

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