Antibiotic use and resistance: perceptions and ethical challenges among doctors, pharmacists and the public in Vellore, South India

Sujith J Chandy, Elizabeth Mathai, Kurien Thomas, Atiya Rehman Faruqui, Kathleen Holloway, Cecilia Stalsby Lundborg

DOI: 10.20529/IJME.2013.005


Inappropriate antibiotic use and resistance are major public health challenges. Interventional strategies require ascertaining the perceptions of major stakeholders and documenting the challenge  to changing practice. Towards this aim, a qualitative study was conducted in Vellore, South India, using focus group discussions among doctors, pharmacists and public. There were eight groups with six to eight participants each. The themes explored were: understanding of infections, antibiotics and resistance; practices and pressure driving antibiotic use; and strategies for appropriate use. Data were transcribed, analysed, verified and a summary prepared with salient features and quotations.

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