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Appeal of Indian Doctors for Ethical Practice (IDEP)

We are a network of – ‘Doctors for De-commercialized, Ethical & Rational Health Care

We are speaking on behalf of the large number of conscientious, rational doctors in India with a sense of anguish and distress regarding the state of medical practice in India today.

We are worried about

  • Deteriorating ethical standards in private medical practice, and stark commercialization of this once a noble profession. (Rising incidences of malpractices, irrational investigations, unnecessary procedures and surgeries, kickbacks)
  • Adversarial relationship between patients and doctors leading to insecurity among doctors.

We want to bring back – the healthy and harmonious relationship between doctors and patients.

We are for

  1. Checking corporatization of Health care.
  2. Regulation and rationalization of fee structure in private medical colleges.
  3. Regulation of pharma industry, equipment industry and consumables. (Stents etc)
  4. Solving the practical problems of rational doctors – like high handed implementation of PCPNDT in which many honest doctors have suffered.
  5. Capping the amount of compensation in medico legal cases.
  6. Honoring patients’ rights, transparency regarding charges and for readiness to give enough time to patients and answer their queries.
  7. Following standard treatment guidelines prepared by organizations in India with due consideration for local constraints.
  8. Bringing in Clinical establishment act that would protect honest and ethical doctors and would not bring in corrupt Baburaj.
  9. Reconstitution of Medical Council of India on democratic lines, and bringing Corporate Hospitals under the control of MCI.

We have a dream

To bring Universal Health Care in India like that in UK/ Canada/ Thailand a system wherein private-practitioners would be paid from public fund on the principle of ‘standard payment for standard care’ and hence doctor-patient relations would not be based on the market-logic.

From – Dr Arun Gadre MD (OBGY) Pune, Maharashtra, 09822246327, Dr Sanjay Nagral, Dept of Surgical Gastroenterology, Jaslok Hospital, Mumbai, 09820285458 E-mail id – [email protected]

Together we can make a difference!

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