Farewell and welcome

With the next issue, Dr Arun Bal and Dr Sanjay Nagral step down after three years as Editor and Assistant Editor, respectively, of Issues in Medical Ethics. They have taken the journal from strength to strength. As health activists of long standing, they have worked hard to involve the medical community in the campaign for good medical practice. Their commitment has been key to bringing IME to the point where it is today, in the 10th year of publication, as a quality journal with a national and international readership. We look forward to Dr Nagral’s and Dr Bal’s continued participation in this effort.

We are, at the same time, delighted to announce that from the issue of January-March 2003, Dr Samiran Nundy and Dr SP Kalantri will join as Editor and Assistant Editor respectively, of IME. They bring to the journal a long-standing personal commitment to ethical medical practice, and a keen interest in developing the discussion on this subject. They have been active members of our editorial advisory board. Both have been associated with reputed publications concerned with medical ethics – Dr Kalantri as Editor of the Medico Friend Circle Bulletin, and Dr Nundy as Editor of the National Medical Journal of India. The editorial board looks forward to their leadership as IME enters the 11th year of its publication.



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