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Editorial Board

Xiaomei Zhai ([email protected])

Dr Xiaomei Zhai, Ph.D, is Professor of Philosophy/Bioethics and Executive Director, Centre for Bioethics, Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences/Beijing Union Medical College; and Director, Department of Social Sciences and the Humanities, Beijing Union Medical College. Her main research fields are bioethics and public health policy ethics.

She graduated from the Changzhi Medical College and got her Ph.D. in Philosophy from the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences. She is a fellow at the Hasting Center, US. Currently, she serves as Member of the National Ethics Committee,MOH, Member of the National Committee on Organ Donation and Transplantation, and President of the Committee on Bioethics, Chinese Society of Philosophy & Technology.

Dr Zhai is also Associate Editor-in-Chief of Chinese Medical Ethics, a member of the Editorial Board of the journals British Medical Journal (Chinese version), Basic Medicine and Clinics, Medicine and Philosophy, Chinese Medical Biotechnologies.