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Through a nurse’s eyes

I sincerely appreciate the editorial “Life and Death after Aruna Shanbaug” written by Dr Roop Gursahani in the Indian Journal of Medical Ethics (IJME) dated April-Jun 2011. The editorial is very well written and articulated and the author has very aptly discussed every part of the judgment delivered by Justices Markandey Katju and Gyan Sudha Misra of the Supreme Court of India. I would like to add that had the euthanasia plea been granted it would have led not only to intense resentment among all the doctors and nurses of KEM hospital, but would have opened a new avenue for unscrupulous people in our society, who for the sake of property and money, could go to the extent of getting their parents and relatives killed by bribing and conspiring with unethical, and greedy doctors. Hence, there are strong chances of euthanasia being prone to misuse. Moreover, there may be a cure in future for a medical state perceived as incurable today. I strongly oppose the plea by Ms.Pinki Virani. One must understand that in all these years, the nurses caring for her have not tired, but in fact, feel greatly privileged to care for her. Why, then, should the views of a third party, who has not even cared her for a single day, be considered? Hence, there is no point in worrying unnecessarily about Aruna, writing a book on her life story, or even paying visits to her, as all these things cannot be a substitute for the high quality, holistic nursing care being rendered to her by our fellow nurses working ceaselessly day and night. I must agree with Dr Sanjay Oak, Dean, KEM Hospital, when he said , in his testimony, “I must put on record that in the world history of medicine there would not be another single case where such a person is cared and nurtured in bed for 33 long years and has not developed a single bed sore. This speaks volumes of the excellence of nursing care that KEM nursing staff has given to her” (1). Once again I salute the spirit of all the nurses of KEM Hospital, Mumbai.

Radha Saini, Head, Dept. of Community Health Nursing, Rayatand Bahra College of Nursing, Sahauran village, Mohali, Punjab140 104 INDIA e-mail: [email protected]


  1. Ibnlive.com. Full text: Supreme Court’s judgment on Aruna Shanbaug euthanasia petition. IBN Live [Internet]. 2011 May 18 [cited 2011 Dec 13]. Available from: http://ibnlive.in.com/news/full-text-supreme-courts-judgment-on-aruna-ramachandra-euthanasia-petition/145201-53.html
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Radha Saini ([email protected])

Head, Dept. of Community Health Nursing

Rayatand Bahra College of Nursing, Sahauran village, Mohali, Punjab140 104




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