One flu over the doctor’s nest


One flu over the doctor’s nest

Kapil Rangan, Bhargavi Pawar


I visited the doc, was feeling quite ill…
Hoping for comfort or maybe a pill
Was taken by surprise when he barely did glance,
To explain my ailment, hardly gave me a chance!

Papers in a sheaf were handed to me
Blood tests and a scan, even a CT!
For over a day I ran from pillar to pole
The bills in my pocket – they burnt a hole.

The reports he scanned and shook his head
“Hmmm…let’s try a new drug instead.”
Each pill from which, I was to learn,
Pharma and doc, more cash would earn.

For a ‘second opinion’ to a friend he sent
Upon meeting whom, I was quick to repent.
Merit aside, a degree he’d bought.
Of medical ken, he knowledge had not!

“Our system is foul!” I winced in pain.
‘It’s no wonder we face a brain drain.
Diligently those who honour their seat
Earn barely enough to make ends meet

With generous compensation, the corporates entice
For questionable ethics – humanity pays the price.
I had reckoned this to be a noble profession.
It’s become a business is my honest confession.

Of medical men, if this be the plight
An ignorant man would be a doctor’s delight!
For, when I sought treatment for a simple flu,
Was he too busy to realise…
I was a doctor too?

About the Authors

Kapil Rangan ([email protected])

Sri Jayadeva Institute of Cardiovascular Sciences and Research, Bannerghatta Road, Bangalore 560 069

Bhargavi Pawar ([email protected])

St John’s Medical College, Sarjapur Road, Bangalore 560 034




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