Indian Journal of Medical Ethics


Ethical distancing in the pandemic

Ganesh Singh Dharmashaktu

Published online first on November 19, 2021. DOI:10.20529/IJME.2021.088

While science is busy,

Breaking new ground;

The lie has a field day.

Before truth,

Can find maps,

Rumour roams the world.

Before the fact

Is conceived,

Misconception is born.

Before the bona fide

Tests the water,

The bogus soaks your senses.

Before evidence is served,

Half-baked truths

Are sold out.

All this is absurd,

The “infodemic”

Is a parallel war.

For all to see,

Inside posts, tweets,

Apps or blogs.

That we can

Fight with nothing…

But distance.

Let’s not fall

Before those facts;

False and fickle.

With data,


And ethically clean.

Let being ethical block

The viral stream,

Be the new normal.

As our searing rejection,

Breaks the chain,

Of everything mala fide.