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Fifth National Bioethics Conference

Theme: Integrity in health care practices and research
11-12-13 December, 2014

Venue: St. John’s Medical College Campus, Koramangala, Bengaluru

The theme of the Fifth NBC 2014 is “Integrity in health care practices and research, and would cover the following sub-themes:

  1. Integrity and upholding trust of patients in medical care;
  2. Ethical imperatives of integrity in public health practices and health systems;
  3. Integrity in health care research (misconducts-plagiarism, data fabrication/ falsification, etc);
  4. Conflict of Interest in health care practices and measures needed,
  5. Curricular frameworks in ethics to ensure integrity in healthcare, public health and research;
  6. International symposium on December 13 on Corruption in health care and medicine

Six plenary sessions, including those in the International Symposium will feature 18 keynote addresses and a panel discussion by well-known national and international experts on the theme and sub-themes of the conference. In each plenary session, some time will be available for questions and discussion.


In addition, the Fifth NBC 2014 will also have scientific sessions where individuals and groups working in the field of bioethics will be able to make presentation of papers (both oral and posters) and organise workshops on any relevant topic in the field of bioethics (not necessarily connected to the conference theme or sub-themes). Parallel groups sessions, two each for oral/poster paper presentations and workshops will be organised on the first two days of the conference and one joint parallel groups session for oral paper presentations and workshops will be organised on the third day. Totally, 36 to 42 abstracts will be selected for oral paper presentation; 12 to 20 abstracts for poster presentation; and 10 to 12 abstracts or proposals for the organisation of workshops.

We invite all interested individuals and groups to submit abstracts for paper presentation and proposals for the organisation of workshops by email to [email protected]

Guidelines for abstracts and proposals for the workshops:
Abstracts that critically discuss cutting edge themes and concepts in bioethics, and those that describe research findings or project outcomes will be selected. Conformity to the prescribed format, however, is essential.

Format – Please provide the following details in each abstract/workshop proposal:

  1. Title;
  2. Authors/speakers, designation and institutional affiliation (if any): Please list authors in order (First author/speaker to last);
  3. Background and purpose;
  4. If applicable, description of research method and ethical issues/dilemmas inquired into;
  5. Results of research or outcome of ethical inquiry, if applicable;
  6. Discussion (relate to bioethics principles, theories, and frameworks) and implications for bioethics; (7) Preferred mode of presentation-only applicable for paper presentation abstracts (Tick): Oral /Poster/ Either;
  7. Name of person presenting the paper at the NBC/contact person for workshop/symposia;
  8. Maximum number of words (parts 3-6 above) is 500.

The Scientific Committee of the conference will use, among others, four main criteria for reviewing the abstracts: (a) Relevance; (b) Clarity of ideas; (c) Originality; and (4) Methodological rigour. The decision of the scientific committee in the selection of abstracts will be final.

Deadline for the receipt of abstracts: 31st July, 2014

Please send your abstracts for paper presentation and proposals for workshops to the Organising Secretaries, Fifth NBC 2014, by email at: [email protected]

Conference Registration and Registration Fees

Registration for the conference may be done by writing and sending the conference fee to the Secretariat. The conference registration fee:
For participants from India and the developing countries: Rs. 1500; For students: Rs. 750.
For participants from the developed countries: US $ 100; For students: US $ 50
Accommodation: Those who need accommodation may please contact the Secretariat.

Conference Organisers:

Organising Secretaries: Ravindran G.D.; Thelma Narayan

Organising Committee: Anuradha Bose, Prabha Chandra, Sugandhi D’souza, Christiane Fischer, Amar Jesani, Sanjiv Lewin, Mario Vaz, Sanjay Pai, Rema Devi, Jayashree Ramakrishna, K. Srinivasan, George Thomas. Adithya Pradyumna
Scientific committee: Sunita Simon and others (to be announced)

Local Organisers: Accommodation: Vanamala and team; Communication: Jyothi Iduculla and team; Registration: Rema Devi and team; Venue: Johnson Pradeep and team


Secretaries: Ms. Mary (+91-9480337030) and Ms. Praveena (+91-9611412146); Office of the IEC, First Floor, Library Building, St. John’s Medical college, Koramangala, Bangalore 560064, Karnataka. Tel: +91-80-46466346/25634123/22065834. Email: [email protected]

Conference Hosts and Collaborators
St. John’s National Academy of Health Sciences
SOCHARA–Society for Community Health Awareness, Research and Action
Forum for Medical Ethics Society (FMES)
(International Symposium in collaboration with MEZIS Germany

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