Photo Gallery

Professor Moazam being felicitated by Dr Amar Jesani
Professor Valiathan being felicitated by Dr Thelma
PHM Sri Lanka member reporting the activities undertaken in Sri Lanka at the People's Health Movement meeting
The Dolls Exhibition by Francoise Bosteels (seen in the picture). This was organised and held at the Division of Health and Humanities, St. John'
SOCHARA meetings around the Community Health Learning Programme
Colloquium on the "Ethical Perspectives in Gender in Health"
Pre-conference Press meet organized at the Press Club, Bangalore
The Group of Rapporteurs for the 5th NBC
Donor Partners who have provided solidarity and support for NBC-5
CHLP Alumni Meeting in progress
Inaugural Address by Rev. Dr. Paul Parathazham, Director, St. John's National Academy of Health Sciences