Is MCI over emphasising publication for promotion of medical teachers?

Shobhit Jain, Harjeet Jain, Ashok Kumar Jain

DOI: 10.20529/IJME.2017.034


Over the past year, there has been constant debate in various journals on the circular issued by the Medical Council of India (MCI) in September 2015, regarding the requirements for promotion of teaching faculty. The lack of a time-bound promotion system of medical faculty results in higher stress, dissatisfaction, lower productivity and quality of life and work. The critics have highlighted several issues in assessment of publication for teacher’s promotion, eg the exclusion of publications in “electronic-only” journals, awarding points only to “original research” papers and first or second authors, listing of indexing databases for journals, categorising journals as national or international. The relevance of a journal’s impact factor as a measure for assessment of publication has also been appraised.

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